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During the first treatment, around 10-15 minutes will be spent talking about your lifestyle, diet, medical problems
and emotional state, so that the Kinesiologist can get a picture of your health.

You will then be asked to lie down on the treatment couch, fully clothed, and a series of painless muscle
resistance tests will be carried out on your arms and legs. These muscle tests are like a body language and will
inform the Kinesiologist of any energy imbalances in your body, which will be treated by massaging or tapping
the related points, with energy work, emotional release techniques and nutritional advice. Some discomfort may
be experienced when massaging certain points, but this will disappear as soon as the treatment is over and you
will feel re-energised afterwards.

I may also use and recommend Bach Flower and homeopathic remedies.

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing during the treatment, to allow for easy bending of arms and legs.

Although changes in health are often experienced after just one session, 3-6 sessions are usually recommended,
depending on the reason for your visit and the severity of your problem.

Please note that treatments are carried out on the second floor, so there will be two flights of stairs to climb.
If you have difficulty with this, please mention upon booking, so that alternative arrangements can be made.

By looking at the root cause of health issues, many problems can be addressed, including:

- Aches and Pains                      - Stress related conditions
- Digestive issues                       - Headaches
- Hormonal imbalance                - Skin complaints
- Emotional issues                      - Food intolerances